Who is looking after your digital marketing?

Business has changed. You can’t just open the doors and grab that foot traffic coming past. Location doesn’t play the part it used to and word of mouth is global now. 

Businesses need an online presence. Most businesses know this and one of the first steps they take is to set up social media accounts and Marketing can be compared to a journey from point A to point B. Depending on how urgently you need to catch up with your competitors determines how much of a budget you require to get there. Marketing efforts fail with a scattergun approach. 

Marketing that delivers needs to be planned, the target audience needs to be established, and all channels of the marketing mix used.  Budgets can get eaten up without results with now plan.  Advertising comes from paid, earned and owned media. Businesses need to capitalise on their owned – websites, shop fronts, digital assets and earned – reviews, testimonials and word of mouth.  All three methods have a place and all are important. 

Times are changing.

Some of the traditional ways of marketing are through billboards, newspapers and magazines. But, over the years, the media industry have been looking for new ways and a new approach to building revenue. If brands are not online, they risk obscurity, customers can’t find you the need to stand out is stronger than ever. 

Where does marketing fit in?

Marketing is necessary for a business to grow from earned methods such as word of mouth, networking, brand recognition, testimonials etc. However, this approach can get expensive to implement, and the ROI is difficult to measure. Digital marketing can work on a set budget, it allows for on-the-spot changes, and ROI is measurable through web and marketing analytics, just one of the reasons why it is the preferred method used to reach an audience.

There are some considerable advantages in doing digital marketing in this capacity. However, it’s not advised to do away with traditional marketing and move straight into digital. The ideal scenario is using both types of marketing together to yield the best results. 

Digital Sources

  • Job seekers go to recruitment companies to search for work 
  • Business opportunists go to LinkedIn to network and find like-minded businesses 
  • Ordinary people go to online papers to read real-time information 
  • Browsers use search engines when they are looking to buy a pair of sneakers 
  • Interior decorators go to Pinterest for design ideas 
  • Browsers go on Youtube to find instructions when they are struggling to fix something or want to learn more.

Reaching the right audience.

One of the huge advantages of digital marketing is the ability to reach your target audience. Marketers spend time looking into your audience and targeting them specifically as possible with the right message. Companies that use Google Ads without researching keywords may find their efforts futile. Google advertising is based on keywords, SEO, what people search for online, and purchasing intention. Social media metrics look at the behaviour of the audience and their engagement with information online to present the correct information with the chance of increasing conversion or making a sale. Once you establish what your target audience is looking for online and how they are behaving and interacting with information you can integrate this into your digital marketing strategy. This then feeds into your content management strategy, i.e. the language you use to attract the attention of your target audience and the content you produce.

Marketing Goals

When it comes to websites the ultimate goal is to attract traffic to your website and then convert the traffic once they have arrived. You can do this using free advertising or paid advertising. Free advertising involves improving SEO ranking, blog indexing, network referrals. Free advertising takes time to implement (if done correctly) and over time you will be able to see a consistent flow of traffic to the website.  

As the word suggests, paid advertising uses platforms like social media, Google Ads, banner adverts, affiliate networks to boost traffic to the website. Paid campaigns will boost traffic over a period of time, however, once the budget runs out often so to does the website traffic.

Digital Marketers need to find the right balance of paid and free advertising in order to sustainably drive traffic to the website. But, as we say in Digital Marketing, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket.           

These days a marketing team is not complete without someone handling your digital marketing. Digital marketing is no longer a buzzword, it is the reality and every successful brand has to have someone take care of digital marketing requirements. If you are not in tune with all things digital, you are missing out on networking opportunities and ways to maximise the growth of your business. 

At Spoken in Jest, we understand how important it is for businesses of all sizes to establish an online presence. Our subscription-based package caters for start-ups looking to jump start their online presence and for those more established businesses to become market leaders. Talk to us.



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