Don't put all your marketing eggs in one basket.

Digital marketing is the key, growth is the goal

How we do that, is the magic.

What we do.
How we spread the word.

Our services to help our clients achieve growth and a digital presence

Digital Marketing

We ensure our clients have a strong digital presence, we manage social media channels and reinforce brands and create digital assets.

Social Media & Content

We take care of all channels with posting, content and engagement. We give our clients a strong social presence.

Strategy & Planning

All good marketing starts with a plan. This helps up lead the way in gaining traction, positive growth and great outcomes.

Creative Design

We manage all graphic & digital design work for all our marketing tactics. No need to outsource this function.

We scramble those eggs using the world's best platforms

Technology is helping us deliver

Our Recent Projects


Onboarding software platform. Making onboarding new employees quick and painless.

Career Lasso

At Career Lasso they make recruiters. Training professionals to be industry best recruiters.

Recruitment Central

Brisbane based recruitment company featuring outstanding service and placements.

HR in House

Recruitment done differently, transparent pricing, honest advice and assistance.


Wage compliance software that eliminates wage theft and ensures correct payrates.


Local, family owned and professionals in all forms of apparel printing and branding.

Why we are different

We keep it real, we stay flexible and move with you.

It’s our guess is that pricing is what scares most businesses from outsourcing marketing services. That’s why we are up front and transparent so that you can plan and budget for the services that you need. Our unique pricing model  ensures you know how much your digital marketing will cost per month. You know what we are working on and you collaborate with us throughout the project. 

We are not a big flashy office based company with lots of advertising executives types we are a group of creative designers, graphic designers, full stack developers and marketing co-ordinators that actually do the hands on work. We are small, but we like it that way.

We focus on the markets that we know, recruitment, software and small business.  We are approachable, flexible, and easy, chat with us and see.

Ready to improve your engagement?

It's not easy being front and centre.

Every brand is vying for attention and to stay front of mind for consumers and potential customers. The biggest problem businesses face is obscurity. 

Driving traffic to your website, business, location is the key and how we do that is a combination of tried and test tactics that make sense and are specific to each business or organisation. 

Being relevant, attracting with content and value is what we strive for. We develop social media campaigns that are remembered and that generate leads.

Websites that work

A website is the centre of the digital universe.

Digitally speaking the website is the foundation of the online presence. We build quality, stylish and engaging websites that convert.

We keep that site within the highest rankings using SEO, keywords and content. The formula is not new but how and when we execute it matters.  We build ecommerce, informational, learning platforms and job board website for our customers. 

Branding you can be proud of

No matter the size of the business, the brand is who you are and it matters.

You don’t have to be Nike, Starbucks or Mc Donalds to be a brand. Even a small family owned business has its own brand. It’s made up of the DNA of the company, what you stand for and how you operate. 

It’s so important to consumers to know what your brand is and how it’s different. That’s where we an help. Your brand should be consistent in everything you do. Our design team can ensure your brand is relevant, modern and positioned for future growth.

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Spoken in Jest is a small digital agency operating out of Melbourne, Australia & Durban, South Africa.  We specialise in marketing plans, social media content, copywriting, blogs and creative design. 

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