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The digital marketing world is always evolving.

From ‘push it in your face banner ads’ and ugly hard to navigate websites to carefully tailored strategies that use social media, user experience design, email marketing and many other digital marketing tactics to reach the right market at the right time with the right message. 

What may have been effective in the past, may not be as effective now. With the rapid growth and adoption of the internet, technology and software, traditional marketing tactics have been replaced by digital platforms and modern tactics. Take a look at how marketing has evolved since the 1990s. 


The methods and channels to access customers a lot more diverse and far reaching. Digital Markers’ have to use ways and varied digital marketing tactics so that they work together to reach your marketing goals. It is important to know how to make these tactics work based on the target market, demographic and brand personality. If you understand what tactics work best together to achieve certain goals then you are well on your way to roll out a well orientated digital marketing strategy. 

Let’s look at digital tactics and how they should work together. 

So, where do you start? 

Traditional marketing lays the foundations of a plan and digital marketing is used in the execution of that plan. 

Start establishing your goals from the outset and ensure that these goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART). 

For instance: 

  • Is your goal to generate customer leads and grow the business?
  • Are you trying to direct more traffic to your website or foot traffic to your store?
  • Do you want to see an increase in online sales or seasonal promotion?
  • Do you want to build your brand presence and profile to be more recognisable 
  • Do you want to educate your potential clients in your product and it’s uses?

Many small businesses attempt so many ad hoc marketing tactics like posting content on a Facebook fan page or on their Twitter profile or they send out regular newsletters, blog posts. But these tactics don’t work well without a plan or campaign approach focusing on reaching those specific marketing goals. 

Digital Marketing tactics 

As a real-life example, imagine you have an eCommerce store selling customised T-shirt with printing. You plan on running a special promotion along the lines of buy two get one free. Here’s an example of what your digital marketing strategy should look like: 

  • Prepare your promotional materials/digital assets and ensure all the information relevant to the campaign is loaded to your website. 
  • Have status updates that you can show on your social media profiles by way of tiles and posts. One day before the promotion begins you may post a status update on your Facebook account hinting that something big is happening tomorrow. 
  • Have your promotional emailers/newsletter ready to go out. 
  • You can also set up an online advertising campaign, set to push the promotion on Facebook and Google, perhaps even considering paid advertising. 
  • Prepare a series of email blasts about your promotion with easy clickable calls to action.
  • On the first day of the promotion, you will make the promotion live on the website.
  • Activate your online advertising campaign driving people to this promotion section on your website where they can buy T-shirts online. 
  • Boost status updates on your social media networks that will drive people to the section on your website. 
  • Send a newsletter to your database again driving them to the website. 

At the end of the promotion you should study the sales vs conversions and the analytics of your online platforms.

The biggest thing that businesses struggle with is creating and executing a digital marketing strategy that works towards a pre-determined marketing goal. 

For this campaign, the focus is driving people to your website online store with the goal of generating sales during this promotion period. This is a very simple example of how digital marketing tactics can work in unison with one another to achieve a marketing goal. 

For this, you need to create an objective-driven marketing strategy. A number of elements from websites, to website design, to google analytics, as well as the most popular digital channels that you can use as part of your strategy. 

Don’t worry if these terms sound foreign, that’s why we are here. Spoken in Jest knows how to perfectly craft and execute a digital marketing strategy with your business objectives in mind. We even have small business friendly pricing which allows you to have your own marketing department where you pay by the month.

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