Lesa Terry
Clairvoyant & Psychic

Lesa resides on the Mid North Coast of NSW in Australia she has been working in the spiritual arena for the past 17 years. She is a highly respected Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant.  Her services have been utilised throughout Australia and Internationally. From a very young age she was gifted with a natural foresight paired with many years of career experience as a psychic which has empowered her with an ability to work with body work & energy work and as a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant.

She is committed to teaching and inspiring individuals in ways of enpowerment, personal connection and growth to the spirit world, whilst they form connections and move forward with their personal journey.

Lesa's training

Natural Health & Counselling

Lesa’s methods and techniques come from many years of training in varied skills. 

Natural Health Intuitive

Lesa is a Certified Natural Practitioner with a Dip in Herbal Medicine and is accredited with the Alumni Association Australia. All Medicinal products are sourced through certified TGA approved suppliers and are Practitioner Specialist Range. Lesa has combined her Intuitive Ability and wisdom with her training knowledge and experience of 17 years as a practicing Natural Therapies to work with both the physical and spiritual reasons as to health and the body. Lesa has had extensive experience as a Remedial and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist which started a 17 year career which enabled her to understand and read the body, energy and developed connection into the Energy Systems of the Mind Body and Spirit and activated her Intuitive Insight.

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual and life Counselling has an expanded view recognising that the world is a complex mystery that requires awareness and understanding of belief systems, universal & personal energy systems, intuitive realities. As well as karmic interplay, subconscious and super conscious states of awareness, spiritual presence and higher self connection in developing the individual and life as a whole. Lesa combines her Intuitive gifts and professional expertise to move forward and stand in your own power achieving self awareness and a greater balance in your life. Mind Body & Spirit have to work in harmony to enable you to discover your life’s purpose but most importantly how you can integrate your personal journey within the roles and functions of your relationships, family and career. Lesa can assist you in developing skills and tools to assist you through the process of identifying awakening and developing your personal and unique self to create self awareness new belief systems, structures, patterns and long term fulfilment.

Clairvoyant & Psychic Readings

How a reading with Lesa can help you

Consider this the first step in your spiritual journey for a more meaningful life. 

Spirit Energy Work

Spirit energy work is about growing your awareness, connection and also clearing energy for those who are seeking not only to solve their immediate problems but use these issues and situations to create a richer and more meaningful life. Lesa uses her experience and training to provide the most comprehensive reading sessions.

Conscious Awareness

Working with and through spirit energy brings conscious awareness to the higher self and connection allowing deep change in your energy systems vibration that not only offers solutions to to your current blocks, it has an even more important purpose it brings a greater connection to yourself which then flows through all areas and relationships of your life!

The Right Reader

Integrity, compassion and truth ensures that the messages from Psychic Readings have the highest and best intention for you. Those who see Lesa for a personal session know that they are held in a space of complete love and non-judgment of their personal situation. Lesa’s brings professional wisdom and understanding to each individual and their own personal journey. This gifted wisdom ensures comfort and ease of every clients personal experience.


Experience Lesa was approached for her professional integrity, expertise and renowned insight to work with cold case profiles which she gained solid validations about the spirt world and her own gift and talents. Lesa has established a large cliental through recommendations from her clients which has also established clients Internationally in America, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and throughout Australia.

Readings to suit you 

Readings can be delivered to you via Skype, phone or in person. A skype link will be sent to you once the booking is complete with your confirmation. In person sessions are upon request and we will set up a phone call to facilitate. 

International readings can only be conducted by phone or skype or zoom. 

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Still have questions?

If you wish to know more about booking a reading with Lesa, please reach out using the quick form below.

Readings available Weekdays and some weekends. Once you click for a booking you will see a calendar of availability.

Choose a date and time that suits you from what is available. 

Coffs Harbour, NSW

Readings can be delivered by Skype, Zoom, Google or in person upon confirmation.

Once booked 48 hours notice is required for cancellation. If an emergency please advise with as much notice as possible and another date and time can be arranged.

No refunds.

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